Maximum Exposure to Builders and Overseas Buyers. 

Our Team is fluent not only in English but also Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, & Tagalog.  Being multi-lingual gives us the advantage of being able to communicate with potential buyers in their own language, allowing us to market your home to its fullest potential, while also giving us an advantage when it’s time to negotiate an offer.


We are a multi-lingual team and thus we are able to market your home to that specific target market, namely East Indian builders and Asian buyers as well as westward migration throughout Canada. As I am East Indian and was born and raised in Hong Kong I have a greater understanding into what motivates, what attracts and what puts off these potential buyers.


We are present at showings to  highlight your homes features and answer any questions potential buyers may have.

Our team and I are available 24/7. From our in-house Mortgage Broker to our full time Client Care Manager, we are always here for whatever you may need.

Our team markets your listing the whole way through. From signs to photos and video tours, we are marketing your home in every available way. Your home will be shown on the RE/MAX™  website, along with our colleagues personal sites. All this as well as being marketed through our own personal websites, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Kijiji & Youtube on a weekly basis.

Let our team put your best foot forward when it comes to selling your home quickly and for the best price possible.


       Why Use A Team ?


  • Has a Team of Agents Consistently Lead Generating Specifically to Find Qualified Buyers for Your Home
  • Has Agents and Administrative Staff that Work in Harmony for the Benefit of the Client
  • Includes Multiple Spheres of Influence to Spread the Word About Your Home
  • Can Easily Handle Numerous Transactions
  • Benefits from the Combined Experience of the Agents and Administrative Staff
  • Can Execute a Complex Marketing Strategy by Leveraging Team Resources
  • Can Be in Several Physical Locations at Once as Necessary to Help the Client
  • Can Handle and Correctly Route Multiple Inquiries